Gourmet chocolate from Costa Rica.


Nahua is an irresistible transformation of the finest single-origin cocoa beans grown under sustainable and fair practices.


About us


Nahua (pronounced /ˈnɑːwɑː/) is Costa Rica’s leading brand of fine artisan chocolate.

Our chocolates are produced with unique single-origin Trinitario cacao beans nurtured to their full-bodied flavor potential through a meticulous post-harvest process.  We then add rich variety of flavors and ingredientes to our bars and truffles to provide a unique gourmet experience to our chocolate loving customers.

Working directly with top-selected local farmers, we improve the lives of smallholder farmers through training, support and community engagement, and focus on the environment by promoting sustainable farming practices, reforestation and the conservation of natural ecosystems.

Enjoy Nahua chocolate, where good taste is doing good!

Artisan & Gourmet Chocolates


Discover Nahua’s bold and flavorfoul chocolate offer.

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