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Nahua Chocolates are proudly 100% Costa Rican, tree to bar.

Since 2011, our team has worked with cacao farmers from the north tropical region of Costa Rica to produce a premium quality cacao. Nahua recognized the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of smallholder cacao farmers and implemented programs to support sustainable farming practices, helping increase cacao tree productivity and farmer income. Historically, one of the more underserved segments of society, rural smallholder farmers are now working to revitalize their cacao forests.

Nahua Chocolates are produced in Costa Rica by a highly qualified team of Costa Ricans and Latin Americans who have embraced Nahua’s passion for producing gourmet premium chocolate while supporting social development and the environment.


Our chocolates are produced with unique single origin Trinitario cacao beans carefully developed to reach their full-bodied flavor potential. Nahua oversees the entire process, from sourcing fresh beans in the field to managing post-harvest activities, which ensures traceability and transparency.

Nahua’s post-harvest management follows strict quality standards and includes a meticulous “triple revolution” fermentation process along with solar drying techniques. Our chocolatiers work with the highest quality ingredients and with our premium dried cacao beans to create a rich variety of flavors and delightful gourmet chocolate bars and cacao products.

Social Impact

We are committed to supporting and empowering smallholder farmers through technical, ecological and social programs. We guarantee consistent and above fair price cacao bean purchases and support farmers in their efforts to increase productivity through our Cacao Renovation Program. This in turn increases smallholder farmer income, improves the lives of their families, and uplifts their communities.

We also work closely with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices, reforestation efforts and the conservation of ecological corridors and natural ecosystems.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated and passionate team at Nahua Chocolate that is committed to making a difference:

Juan Pablo Buchert

Juan Pablo Buchert


Juan Pablo has been responsible for developing various environmental and cacao projects in Latin America.  He is the Chairman of the Costa Rican Fine Cacao Chamber.

Justin Eldridge

Justin Eldridge

Impact Advisor

Experienced professional in the field of social development and environmental sustainability in Latin America. Founder of the Organization for Youth Empowerment.